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Vivian Hoorn, Viveh's creative director, and her team created Viveh as a movement to stand up to the critic in people's heads, crush self-doubt, and give them the confidence to conquer the day. Vivan explained that her mission of Viveh grew from her experiences and personal frustrations.
It was stated that society said individuals couldn't wear certain things and needed to be different, better, and prettier to fit in, but Viveh disagreed. Viveh believed that people are perfect as they are.
Vivian expressed her desire to create clothes that celebrate individuals as they are. She explained that through Viveh, they aimed to change the narrative in fashion and society regarding body acceptance and self-love. Viveh was described as a visual representation of body diversity and inclusion, empowering people to be completely themselves.
The name "Viveh" was derived from the Latin word "vivus," meaning 'alive.' The purpose of Viveh's pieces was to breathe new life into every wardrobe. The design of Viveh focused on a curvier body as the archetype. The initial drop of their items ranged from size 36 to 48, with some specific pieces available up to size 50. The plan was to expand the size range in the future, with the request for help from the audience to better understand the demand for different sizes in upcoming production runs. Viveh aimed not only to expand their size range but also to cater to different heights eventually.

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Melagence exclusively distributes the Women Collection of Viveh in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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