MELAGENCE [məlaʒɑ̃s] was created as a FASHION AGENCY by Mela Bauer in 2013, MELAGENCE literally and mindfully / mentally merges the founders name and her personal vision of an agency that embodies an authentic service for the LABELS she and her team love and support in their economical expansion.

Operating from the HEADQUARTER IN BERLIN, MELAGENCE quickly gained attention within the international agency scene with a unique combination of creativity and professionalism in the distribution and marketing of INTERNATIONAL FASHION and LIFESTYLE BRANDS.

Offering the retail market and its consumers A SELECTIVE YET DIVERSE MIX of brands that meet the MELAGENCE aesthetic whilst remaining commercially relevant, is considered to be one of the agency’s fundamental and winning principles.

Nevertheless, a brand is always mindfully selected based on style, collection, products, designer, values and story, which is then thoughtfully communicated. This allows MELAGENCE to surprise and inspire, as well as to communicate its aesthetic appeal with a WELL-CURATED PORTFOLIO every season.

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