An impish charm, a sense of adventure, Parisian pavements, a ’70s miniskirt, a gust of freedom, a carefully knitted wool sweater and breezy Indian cottons. An oversized jacket, at least 9 pairs of leather sandals, an Eric Rohmer film and a Sunday family lunch…

To be who you are with simplicity and authenticity. To feel connected to your surroundings, here and anywhere.
These are the foundations of Soeur, a French womenswear brand founded in 2008 by two sisters. 

Domitille and Angélique Brion, a complementary duo guided by the desire to dress all women, of all generations. They draw their inspiration from their memories, their travels, and a stylistic vision that is indelibly French. The result is delicate, subtly feminine, with an emphasis on tailoring redolent of the masculine wardrobe.

Melagence exclusively distributes Soeur in Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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