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Interview with
Henning Korb, Managing Partner Apropos

What does space mean to you?

Speaking about retail concepts, an airy and bright space is the best guarantee to create a luscious and welcoming environment. A room customers like to discover and spent their time in.

Personally, space means luxury to me. There is nothing better than spacious set of rooms. It gives me peace.

What does floating mean to you?

(What do you mean with floating? Please be more precise)

What was the main inspiration to open an Apropos Concept store at Tegernsee?

The Tegernsee idea came by accident but quickly turned into a serious project.  As we saw the potential of the area and the changes the pandemic brought to us. National Resort destination got relevant again as weekend air travel feels no longer appropriate. Remote working became normality, nobody needs to go to the city/office five days a week any longer. In a sense life gets more local again. Last but not least we love to develop new concepts and that’s why we are going to open a second door at Tegernsee, this time in Rottach-Egern, late summer 2022.

How does this store different from the other Apropos Concept stores?

It is important to us that each store reflects local aspects and adapts regional architecture and circumstances. We never apply a masterplan on new spaces. Each project is developed from scratch. So Tegernsee is totally different from our Cologne store or even Munich.

How would you describe the aesthetics of the space?

It’s warm and cozy but modern and glamourous at the same time. A space which supposed to be outstanding without being an “alien” in rural setting.

Can you tell us about the importance of texture, light, color, and shape in your new store?

We combined local wood with silk finished marble and mirrored surfaces. Mid Century armchairs with antique Bavarian furniture and objects from Sabine Marcelis. Fabrics from Dedar and Pierre Frey are all textured and in the same soft and natural color palette. It’s all about matching contrasts.

How did your opinion change about retail spaces and their function in the past 2-3 years?

A store should be much more than a simple sales area. You need to offer an experience!

The pandemic only made clearer what Apropos cultivates since the very beginning, what we believe in and try to improve every day.

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