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In the late 1940s, Ludwig Hohenester founded ELHO, which swiftly emerged as a pioneering force in skiwear and outdoor apparel. The brand made its mark through a relentless commitment to innovation, radical design, and a touch of rebellious spirit.

Today, ELHO resurfaces as ELHO Freestyle, a tribute to its heritage and a testament to the evolution of its spirit, re-founded by Donald Schneider. This re-launch embodies a visionary fusion of the brand’s remarkable legacy, performance-oriented design, cool style, and a conscious choice of bio-based materials. This revitalization seeks to carve a new legacy for the forthcoming generation.

The much-anticipated ELHO Freestyle Collection FW24/25 is a testament to this brand ethos. Featuring 25 distinctive products and accessories, it harmonizes high-performance wear and bio-based materials. The iconic Performance Bomber Jacket, a pioneering creation, introduces a new category in outdoor fashion.

ELHO Freestyle is resolute in its commitment to sustainability. The brand has unveiled Bio-Max materials, embodying a fusion of extreme product performance with an unwavering dedication to the well-being of future generations.

More than just a brand, ELHO invites individuals to join a movement. It's a community, embracing friends, celebrities, talents, creators, influencers, and cultural pioneers, rallying together under the banner of the rebel spirit.

Next Showroom(S):
Berlin Showroom FW24 Pre Collections , Dec 13, 2023 - Dec 22, 2023, Gutenbergstraße 2, 10587 Berlin
Berlin Showroom FW24 Pre Collections , Jan 08, 2024 - Jan 12, 2024, Gutenbergstraße 2, 10587 Berlin
Paris Showroom FW24 Pre Collections , Jan 18, 2024 - Jan 23, 2024, 18 Rue des Quatre-Fils, 75003 Paris
Munich Showroom FW24 Pre Collections, Feb 10, 2024 - Feb 12, 2024, Westermühlstraße. 3, 80469 Munich
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