DONALD SCHNEIDER photo by Henrik Nielsen

Why are you re-founding ELHO? And why now, at this  exact moment? 

When the chance came to acquire the rights of the legendary ELHO, I was immediately on fire. ELHO has such an exceptional potential for the future! Based on its unique heritage. It was always ahead of its competitors in the 70s, 80s, 90s. This cult skiwear & sportswear brand with the iconic logo was the first to introduce neon colors, jet pants and the freestyle look. Why now? Because the next game changing big trend will be about combining performance and functionality with cool style. 

And you know, creating game changers is something I always had a passion for. Like when I had the idea for “Karl Lagerfeld x H&M” in 2004, the first big global designer collaboration - which kickstarted today’s era of collaborations. With our creative agency we are specialized in creating collaborations, with fashion and lifestyle brands and with celebs like Beyoncé,  David Beckham and Kendall Jenner.  

What is your vision for the brand? 

ELHO becoming - the coolest outdoor style brand - for the next generation! Each product is designed to be both super functional for performance in extreme weather conditions outdoors and a super cool style statement in the urban  environment. 

Why do you think a retailer should be having ELHO?

There is already now some hype and rumours around the  anticipated re-launch of ELHO. We will introduce a totally new look! To excite customers and to attract a new and younger audience. With an innovative design and collection based on our visionary combination of 1. heritage, 2. performance, 3. cool style, 4. bio-based materials. 

And that’s just the beginning! There will be a constant firework of ELHO surprises, innovative new products all year, special drops, new styles, also a pioneering new version of jet pants, a limited edition collaboration with an eye catching all over print from revered artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, innovative product branding, action videos with our first testimonial Andri Ragettli - the Freestyle Ski super-talent and social megastar with over 154 million views on his most-viewed video, exclusive music by Los Angeles upcoming hip hop producer Mr.Green, pop-ups, events, building a powerful international community with friends, celebs, talents, creators, influencers, cultural  pioneers and fans… starting the ELHO hype!

What is the key piece in the re-launch collection?

Inspired by ELHO’s rebel heritage, we invented a new must have jacket, the performance bomber jacket! We want ELHO to own this new category, the performance bomber jacket! We will constantly offer different new versions and styles, with our unique signature design and colors.