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At ZENGGI, they make quality and stylish design available to women. Their subtle and quality collections are designed by Marian Wigger, who focuses on combining refined simplicity with a timeless blend of past and present.

Their collections are made to make your everyday life more stylish and fashionable. They’re full of wearable, well-thought-out designs for which every detail is just right. They produce as much as possible in Europe with family businesses, where the seamstresses have as much love for their craft as they do. You can see and feel this attention to every detail in every piece.

They see fashion as a ‘métier’ - a craft in which heritage and tradition are to be respected. Their collections are subtle fusions of past and present, in which innovative fabrics and classic production techniques are effortlessly paired with each other. They always start with the unique qualities of their fabrics. The design naturally follows the possibilities and limitations of each fabric.

They understand that your days are filled with stressful decisions. That is why they don’t present overwhelming collections, but a selection of items that can be combined in an endless amount of ways. This means you will always have a complete and coherent wardrobe. With their label TRVL DRSS, you will also look effortlessly stylish when you're on the go: every item is wrinkle-free and specially developed for a long-lasting, well-groomed look, whatever adventure you find yourself on.

They don't follow trends through timeless designs and sustainable products, slow fashion is woven into their DNA. They produce their collections as sustainably as possible, with respect for the planet and its inhabitants. Marian selects all the fabrics personally and monitors every detail in the production process. Their new collections are never a revolution, rather an evolution. Through this fluid succession, they guarantee refined collections that remain wearable and relevant for years, because style lasts longer.

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Melagence exclusively distributes the Women Collection of Zenggi in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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