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Anne-Fleur grew up in Lille, in northern France, a region historically associated with the textile industry. Although her family, on all sides, has been part of the industry for generations, it was the creativity within fashion and the entrepreneurial side of launching a business that Anne-Fleur was most passionate about. Even at the beginning, Roseanna had values, and was all about beautiful fabrications, and durability. Transparency, high standards have always been part of the brand’s values, far before she published her CSR policies this year. Her first experiences were with Donna Karan, Alberta Ferretti, and Chloé, and she loved being able to connect personally with the clients. She wanted to translate this proximity to Roseanna, which she launched with a childhood friend. Roseanna is a mix of both of their nicknames. Anne-Fleur has always looked for exclusivity and originality, through the design of exclusive prints, strong and unique color palettes. Roseanna doesn’t take anything too seriously. It’s always been wardrobe for women to express who they are. At its beginnings, Roseanna was a swimwear line that very quickly grew into something bigger, offering pieces with meaning and values, at a faire price. Each look is carefully thought through, and every piece becomes essential, down to the brand’s now iconic boots. Anne-Fleur, now by herself at the helm of Roseanna, defines what inspires her for each collection and always mixes spontaneity with a little decorum. To help her imagine and create, she retreats to her her musical bubble.“If I had to stay on a deserted island, and bring only one album with me, it would be a Bowie album. I’d only eat pasta and I would turn eucalyptus plants into perfume”, she jokes. plaisante-t-elle.Pragmatic, yet unique. That is what Roseanna is all about.

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Paris Showroom SS24 Main Collections, Sep 29, 2023 - Oct 03, 2023, 76 Rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris, France
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Melagence exclusively distributes the Women Collection of Roseanna in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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