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Veilance wants to ensure that sustainability and circularity are at the bedrock of every business decision.
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February 6, 2023
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The topic of environmental protection and sustainability is becoming more and more important. We are all affected by it and can only change things together. Looking ahead, Veilance wants to ensure that sustainability and circularity are at the bedrock of every business decision, and that sustainability and circularity objectives are inseparable from the brand’s core business.
The brand´s founding company Arc’teryx, is a founding signatory of the UN Fashion Charter, a member of the Climate Action Corps, co-founder of the Catalyst Business Coalition and one of the first 400 companies to set a verified science-based target to establish a low carbon solution, which goal is to build a sustainable, low emissions mode of operations. Therefore durability and performance have been Veilance´s guiding principles from the outset - making durable, long-lasting products is still the most effective way to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Their timeless aesthetic remains contemporary, and they stand behind their lifetime care, repair and product guarantee. The brand use antimicrobial treatments in a range of our products to inhibit bacterial growth and prevent odours. This allows their products to last longer between washes and over time.
In order to actively participate in environmental protection, Veilance became a “Bluesign” partner. The Bluesign system Restricted Substances List (RSL) outlines a broad range of materials that require careful management due to negative impacts on the environment, health, or occupational safety. It enables Veilance to select sustainable raw materials and to pay attention to sustainability at every step of the production process instead of just checking the final product.
In 2021, the brand committed $1 million to support the movements towards equitable access to nature and a resilient climate future. As part of this work, Veillance strives to be guided by the principles of reconciliation in our understanding of what it means to be on the land and connected to nature.

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Veilance is a system of essential forms designed for navigating and responding to urban environments. Through minimalist values and relentless attention to detail, Veilance offers climate controlling solutions in a system of modular layers. Technical design at its core is an expression of purpose.Veilancewas founded by Arc’teryx Equipment on this philosophy, which continues to drive both brands towards material innovation and leading-edge garment engineering.

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