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Full of joy we are looking back to our third Melagence Garden Apero, a relaxed atmosphere in the garden of our showroom.
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June 28, 2023
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Full of joy we are looking back to our third Melagence Garden Apero. For us the truly relaxed atmosphere in the garden of Turenne Space created the perfect setting to share good food, delightful drinks and enlightening chats. We had such a great time in the company of some of our dearest partners and friends: FIFTY EIGHTS, VESTIBULE, SCHNEEWEISS, SCHWITTENBERG and many more - as well as beloved Brands: Lutz Huelle, Vivian Hoorn from Viveh, ATP Atelier and Anne-Fleur from Roseanna. 

By providing a range of refreshing and nourishing options, the culinary well-being of our esteemed partners & friends should not be neglected. In addition to refreshing summer drinks, our guests were able to enjoy all kinds of vegan snacks and delightful sweet treats from Wild & The Moon. The entire snack bar was homemade using only natural ingredients sourced from organic and responsible agricultural suppliers. 

In order to visually round off the aesthetic appeal, the buffet’s setup included meticulously crafted porcelain from the renowned KPM-Manufaktur Berlin. Alongside plates and bowls, lovingly arranged to showcase our delicious snacks, floral vases adorned the entire venue, adding an exquisite touch of elegance.

All in all the vibrant atmosphere in combination with the shared laughter and presence of our beloved friends made the Apero again a truly special event we will cherish for years to come. It was an absolute pleasure to have everyone - cheers to a fantastic time together!

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After completing his Fashion Degree at London’s Central St Martin’s and a three-year stint as Designer working with Martin Margiela on his Artisanal and Knitwear Collections, Lutz launched his eponymous Label in Paris with partner David Ballu. Lutz’ approach has been described as “Decontextualisation”: taking things out of context, reinventing ways to wear aclassic wardrobe, working on structure, volume and identity. His way of mixing and matching different genres and types of garments – Sportswear and Evening, Casual and Formal, Feminine and Masculine turned out to be prophetic – it has since become an integral part of the fashion landscape.

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