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We are excited to bring you an interview with Rebeka, 320DTLA’s designer, about her design, and product development and
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August 29, 2022
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We are excited to bring you an interview with Rebeka, 320DTLA’s designer, about her design, and product development and manufacturing process, along with some future plans. We are also thrilled to announce that the brand will be found in KaDeWe starting from this Fall/Winter 2022 season.

How do you design and develop your pieces?

First, I create my sketches on my Ipad in Illustrator. I do some market research and trend analysis for the given season. We tend to use our feedback from our wholesale agency, Melagence, from the store, what our costumers tell us, what they love and are always looking for. I get my inspiration from always traveling and keeping an eye on social media.

Could you tell us a bit about the manufacturing process of 320DTLA pieces?

To create my first sample pieces, I do my tailoring pattern, I find my fabrics and accessories for the given piece. I source my fabrics locally from Hungary or from Italy and Turkey. After the first sample piece is made, we do a fitting and I make my changes if needed. When the whole collection is done, we organize the photoshoot. I use flat lock active stitching, ultrasound for cutting the fabric and also taping for finishes of the garments. We do the manufacturing in two Hungarian factories. We use sublimation for our Logos & we recycle our leftover fabrics to create the label tags in our garments. We also use direct screen printing for our printed pattern fabrics.

What is your favorite style and why?

My personal favorites are the overalls. I make active overalls for more than 5 years. Our best selling piece is “The Juicer Overall” that is my first piece and now our iconic carry-over piece for every season. I have sold thousands of it in every color. It is my favorite because it has its cut-out sexy back, it is easy to wear, dress it up for the streets and comfortable during sport activities.

For who do you design your pieces?

Now after 4-5 years we have a solid niche of buyers and we have found out that our target market are female, mid-generation to younger, stylish moms.

Can you tell us about your future plans?

Our main goals are to spread 320DTLA all around Europe, globally and hit the US market. From the end of 2021, we have entered the EU market which has already opened its doors for us. We are also evolving in Hungary, which is quite important for the brand: more attention to our online store and the Flagship store in Budapest. Also, we would like to develop and make form-fitted round knit activewear with time and maternity activewear collection – these are our long-term goals as it requires a testing period.

My personal goal is to have more advanced manufacturing technology and use better, even more comfortable & durable quality fabrics.

What makes your activewear brand unique in today's competitive landscape?

We are unique because we do everything locally, we use recycled fabrics, we have sexy form-fitted designs that are perfect for streets and you can instantly get to the gym and do your given workout. We are different from others because we have a small collection drops D2C with always changing design features and new colors. We have our core collection with our best-selling designs in black color. We are well known for our overalls and their features/details.

Do you want to know more about the brand? Discover 320DTLA's Instagram, website, brand page, or contact us for a brand introduction call.

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