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We are thrilled to announce that Lutz Huelle is AZ Factory’s New Amigo. We are extremely proud that we have been
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September 2, 2022
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We are thrilled to announce that Lutz Huelle is AZ Factory’s New Amigo. We are extremely proud that we have been working together with such a talented designer for the past few years.

Lutz Huelle said:
“I think we are all looking for something that’s simple and is touching and emotional without trying so hard, muses Huelle. His hybrids, like Elbaz’s exposed zippers and seams, speak to the joy of making and improvising, and in so doing seem to acknowledge that life, and creation, can be glorious in their messiness. “In the end, it’s just about the clothes, and I think that was always also Alber’s way of seeing things,” the designer notes. Of course these clothes play out in the theater of life as well as the theatre de la mode. Huelle’s focus on clothes is based on a belief in his chosen field. The “incredible thing about fashion,” he enthuses, is “it’s so multifaceted and so complicated and so extreme in many ways because it’s literally about everything. It’s about our lives.”

We are on a journey to design beautiful, purposeful, solutions-driven fashion that works for everyone. We are life, not just lifestyle, a place to experiment and try new things, our way. - Alber Elbaz

We believe in smart fashion that cares. We design beautiful, practical, and solutions-driven fashion that works for everyone.
Our products are here to solve problems and create joy.

Anchored in the highest disciplines of style and savoir-faire, we make pieces that seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with forward-looking applications and technology.
We collaborate closely with our suppliers and manufacturers in the pursuit of true innovation, taking the time we need to get it right.

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After completing his Fashion Degree at London’s Central St Martin’s and a three-year stint as Designer working with Martin Margiela on his Artisanal and Knitwear Collections, Lutz launched his eponymous Label in Paris with partner David Ballu. Lutz’ approach has been described as “Decontextualisation”: taking things out of context, reinventing ways to wear aclassic wardrobe, working on structure, volume and identity. His way of mixing and matching different genres and types of garments – Sportswear and Evening, Casual and Formal, Feminine and Masculine turned out to be prophetic – it has since become an integral part of the fashion landscape.

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