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When we started brainstorming about our upcoming season‘s theme I asked the team how they would like to feel this summer. No need to mention the circumstances and the overall situation we are all living in now, there was a great desire of feeling security, normality (whatever that means), tranquility and of course peace. Michaela Aue, an experienced Yoga and Meditation teacher (and we are happy to call her our exclusive Melagence Community morning Yoga teacher too), expressed her association on floating like this:

“Trusting that this moment will take me to the next and to the next and to the next.”  

Don‘t you think that somehow matches all the wishes from above? What keeps us going, what keeps us planning ahead, what keeps us believing in our next steps? 

We’ve asked four iconic retailers about their upcoming projects related to spaces. Keep an eye out on breathtaking architecture, new ways of thinking shopping destinations and just enjoy enthusiasm for fashion and retail. 

Speaking about extension of spaces, we give you a first glimpse of our new headquarters in Berlin which will be opened in late fall this year. Benjamin Höhner shot a series of floating pieces at this raw space at the river Spree. 

“When architects design a building, they consider the context, the site and how people will use it, (...) I wanted to approach fashion that way as well.” That’s how May Kaan, the woman behind our brand Francon, describes her way of creating collections in Konfekt Magazine - also a perfect match for our issue about spaces and floating into them. 

With this second issue of the Melagence Paper we want to invite you to floating with us into this season and feel the ease of the moment again and again and again…

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