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We have been talking to Matthias Moser, Managing Director Föger, Telfs
What does space mean to you? 

For quite a while it’s not about locations anymore, it’s about spaces. A space for us here at Föger is a lot more than only the word‘s meaning. We try to make a wonderful experience for our customers when entering the Föger space. It’s about architecture interpreted in a modern way and on a high level. We also believe our staff and the people are part of our space and the resulting experience being in the Föger-space.

How would you describe the aesthetics of the space?

Wow-Effect, Set a statement, dive into another world, Extraordinary, Customer experience / adventure, ambitious, Identity

What was the main inspiration to open Föger?

Föger history is going back to 1953 and my grandfather. The main direction towards what we are today was set by my mother Midi Moser-Föger during the late 70s. Since then it was very clear that we want to bring a selection of fashion world‘s best brands to our store and the region. Still today our inspiration entitles us to invest lots of time in research and collection walkthroughs and be always on top of what is happening.

How is Föger different from any other store?

We believe that the following differentiates us from other stores: The handpicked selection of brands and styles, the customer focus and our high level of service, tight relations with our returning customers be a real service provider in terms of fashion, a special focus on store interior and design of our location.

How does its history influence the store today?

As we have been on the market for years, the long history brought us continuous recognition, which is very important to be relevant and reliable for customers and brands.

Could you please tell us about your plans for the future?

We are completely redoing a major part of the store, approximately 300sqm out of 450sqm. The renovation is planned for April, or May 2023 with the consequence of closing the store completely for that time, but we will have an alternative location, and pop-up activities during this period. To not disclose everything at the moment and to keep the audience curious about what is coming.

Can you tell us about the importance of texture, light, color, and shape in your new store?

When thinking about the new store it all comes down to exactly those elements mentioned. Finding the new store look & feel we are working along exactly those elements: textures, light, shapes and colors. These elements are key for our new store interior concept.

How did your opinion change about retail spaces and their function in the past 2-3 years?

My opinion did not change that much during the last few years. I was always believing that real, physical stores have their authorization being there. The difference will be that only the best will remain. We have seen lots of changes in the retail world in the last 10 years, adding additional ways of shopping. Nevertheless, we see Online and Social activities as additives not being ever able to substitute for a real physical store. Maybe stores change a bit into showrooms, but still it is of the highest importance to have physical presence. Looking at big online pure players we have seen activities that some of the added physical stores, which confirms our belief in physical stores.

What does FLOATING mean to you? What do you associate with it?

The well-known aphorism “everything flows” or “Panta rhei” pretty well describes what is also valid for fashion. It’s a continuous move and change and we here at Föger believe that one of our main tasks is to keep a close eye on this moving and changing within fashion. We are translating this into a crisp and sharp selection of brands and styles we believe are just right in time.

Photography by Ruedi Walti, Christian Knoerr
About We have been talking to Matthias Moser, Managing Director Föger, Telfs
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