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Groundbreaking Sustainable Architecture in the Alps

We have been talking to Thomas Vorreiter, Managing Director Marketing & Expansion at Bründel.
What was the main inspiration behind the Bründl Sports Flagshipstore? Can you tell us a little bit more about the store? 

It is all about creating magic moments and providing a unique shopping experience for our customers. We wanted to really improve the sojourn quality as well as the encounter quality. We really believe in the stationary retail and the fact that people are buying from people.

Additionally it was important for us to create an extraordinary space for our employees, that these people are feeling happy, and their wellbeing is infected in a really positive way. Wanted to create a living room athomsphere for our employees.

Finally it was important to really create space for our special service culture and so for our service benefits like huge glassy ski-service maintainance department, ski-boot fitting laboratory, repair workshop…

And we wanted to integrate a bistro/lounge area where consumers can enjoy regional, seasonal, organic food and drinks

We wanted to express our key values with this buidling

*Being a pioneer (showing the future of „offline“ retail combined with valuabel digital touchpoints and links)

*Being strong in the mountains (showing tradition, competence, building trust)

*Creating Magic Moments (creating emotions through for example our Skywalk 20 meters above the river)  

*We want to move people (Wir bewegen Menschen)

Architecture like a mountain range -> bring the mountain to the valley -> also in the shop you can feel different aspects of a mountain (crevasses, stones, wood, openings and caves)

And really important – we wanted to create a really sustainable building an shopping experience (ÖGNI certificate, used many sustainable and regional materials (stone from Rauris, wood = Weißtanne)

How would you describe the aesthetics of the space?

Like mentioned above it symbolises a mountain…

It is a statement for innovation. Sustainability is at the heart of the expansion. Customer Journey scores points for its close-to-nature storytelling, while experience factor is characterized by a laboratory feel. The new store appeals to all the senses. It is a brand experience that refelcts the passion for nature and sports and forever surprises the customers. Offers a special sense of wellbeing.

Important is that guests arrive in the lobby without being overwehlend by articles. Surroundings proved enery and emotions. Shopping is like eating, visiting a hotel – in the best of cases it lifts your mood.

How does the location of the store influence its design and functions? 

Influences the store a lot. We wanted to create something that brings the mountain to the valley! Wanted to work with materials from the region…

Could you please tell us about your plans for the future? 

Our focus is on the stationary retail combined with digital touchpoints and offers.

We focus on an excellent service quality to the consumer. On how our employees meet consumers, find out what consumers need, and provide them magic moments.

We focus on sustainability in all terms. 

And we will definitely stay true to our locations – being located in tourism valleys in the west of Austria

How did your opinion change about retail spaces and their function in the past 2-3 years?

Especially in terms of sustainability – building in a sutainable way (natural, long-lasting materials, regionality … )

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About We have been talking to Thomas Vorreiter, Managing Director Marketing & Expansion at Bründel.
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