ATP Atelier celebrates their new HQ

ATP Atelier, the Swedish brand known for its sleek and minimalistic aesthetic, recently celebrated its moving into a brand new office space located at Katarinavägen 19 in Stockholm‘s Seamen‘s Institute. The entire floor has been taken over by the brand, and it includes a design atelier, showroom, photography studio, and an office. This new space marks the beginning of a new chapter for ATP Atelier, providing an ideal place for inspiration and functionality.

To create this unique space, ATP Atelier partnered with architecture Studio Escapist and Maj-La, one of the brand‘s co-founders. The interior of the office was carefully curated to reflect the personal and warm, yet still sleek and minimalistic expression of the brand. Maj-La achieved this by mixing Scandinavian and Italian iconic designs, mostly from the 70s and 80s, bought from auction houses like Bukowskis.

Reflecting on their journey, Maj-La and Jonas, the two close friends who founded the brand, realized that birthdays can make you quite sentimental, looking back at the moments, people, and places that made you become what you are today. They became BFFs over a shared bottle of Prosecco, which makes sparkling wine an undeniably significant part of the brand‘s story. The city of Otranto in the south of Italy, where they later came to spend summer vacations together, is another piece of the puzzle.

Ultimately, the story of ATP Atelier speaks to taking care of yourself and not following the broadest path, spending your time and money on the things and experiences in life that last. It‘s what they call „smart luxury.“

After moving into this beautiful new home, we asked Maj-La about the space and how her design process will be different:

“Yes, it’s amazing! It’s been just over 10 years since ATP Atelier was founded and our new HQ is really the perfect celebration and embodiment of the essence of ATP Atelier, a lifestyle and aesthetic that marries Italy and Sweden. Although our core and DNA hasn’t changed, we have grown and evolved a lot since we started out at Sofiagatan 3. It was high time for a new space that reflects where we are at right now. I wanted an HQ that feels like a home but functions as an office - a place where my team feels at home but also gets inspired. This is so important to me, especially after the pandemic. Our HQ now serves a bigger purpose than just the physical practicalities of an office.” said Maj-la Pizzelli, co-founder and CEO.

Photography by Erik Lefvander